Frequently Asked Questions About The Cool Careers Podcast.

What Is The Podcast Purpose?

The purpose of this platform is for those individuals with Early to Mid-Career levels to gain awareness and insight on career pace and growth along with the necessary patience and stamina necessary to the level of “success”. This opportunity to listen to your digital testimony is a learning one for our audience. We will be knowledgeable, motivating and empowering.

Where I Can Listen To The Podcast?

The conversation is a digital interview captured via video. The interview will be available via our YouTube Channel, IG page, FB page, and the audio podcast version is available on streaming platforms.

Will this podcast ONLY be interviews with Professionals?

No. There will be a combination of professional interviews, question and answer sessions, and conversations with other HR professionals. We all learn differently so hopefully, I can tap into all the facets.

How do you choose the professionals for the podcasts?

Diversity is the key. It is my goal to identify various professions, industries and individuals representing these areas for further discussion. If you know of someone offering a unique career with a great story to share, please send a message.

How can I support the podcast as a stable jobholder?

• Subscribe to the Cool Careers Podcast and Cool Careers YouTube Channel

• Sharing the website to friends and family

• Find someone to mentor



Who's The Host Of The Podcast?

Sha Lee Hornsby is the host of  Cool Careers Podcast. 
I’ve spent my career in the area of recruiting professionals at all levels from administrative to executive roles. I have experience with Staffing/Consulting, Diversity and University recruitment. I also spent time recruiting globally as an Expat in the Middle East. Along with recruitment, I have engaged, analyzed, and evaluated jobseekers within technical interviews. Now, I have the opportunity to transfer my interviewing skills into a learning style format. Throughout my own career, I find most careers are not straight lines to the top of the corporate ladder. Instead, our routes are curvy and more scenic route. I am excited to invite you to this platform and trek with you as we recall your career journey!!!

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