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Digital testimonies from industry experts will allow our clients to learn about the peaks, valleys, and pitfalls within careers allowing us a chance to learn and grow.

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Cool Careers Podcast With Host: Sha Lee Hornsby

Season Two

Season Two of the Cool Careers with Sha Lee Hornsby will have 12 episodes featuring industry professionals highlighting their expertise.


The Cool Careers Podcast with Sha Lee Hornsby will have 10 episodes in season one and it will feature experts from different industries & access of a Corporate Recruiter to ask questions and to assist you in your career development journey.

Industry Experts

There will be 10 industry experts that will be interviewed for season one of the podcast. Some will include Human Resource experts will answer your questions about a particular industry.


 Each podcast will be 30 minutes at average length.  Some of the topics that will be covered during an episode will be educational requirements, career starting points, career opportunities, snapshot view of the future in each industry.

Cool Careers with Sha Lee Hornsby is a platform to highlight career journeys from Industry Professionals. These digital testimonies allows our viewers to learn about the peaks, valleys, and pitfalls within careers allowing us a chance to learn and grow. We will engage within various professions, industries, career levels to hear about their drivers and passions to develop an expertise.  One can be entering early within your career, starting over, in transition, or in the full speed of your career progression—no matter where you are, this is a space to listen and learn. The Cool Careers platform will be interactive allowing you to query and to engage with our guests. We will learn from each other!

Cool Careers Podcast
Cool Careers Podcast
I really appreciate the service Mrs. Hornsby provided through Cool Careers. I was seeking to transition into a different role in my current industry. She provided the guidance and tools needed. I love my new role!
Francia Marshall BSc, BSN, RN


Over the years Sha has been extremely inspirational and supportive of all of my personal and career goals. Her positive and captivating energy has encouraged me to strive for excellence and challenge myself; she leads by example. Sha is very knowledgeable at strategizing on obstacles, which enables me to feel confident in the value I add to my environment.
Mary White

Senior Accountant

Sha is a true professional in the HR field. She is knowledgeable and helpful. She knows the intricacies of recruiting and HR development. She studies her craft and takes pride in her delivery.
Karen Kyle

HR Professional

Sha was an absolute pleasure to work with. I had the privilege of working with Sha as I was going through the recruitment process for my current role at ERM. Sha was my main point of contact. She was knowledgeable, caring, professional, positive, and incredibly helpful throughout the whole experience. From the first time I spoke with her, I knew that the job was for me. Sha was patient, answered all my questions, and really helped me think through the big decision to take the role. I am so grateful for Sha--any team would be lucky to have her!
Karen Shulman, MBA

Senior Consultant at BrownFlynn, an ERM Group Company

I’d recommend working with Cool Careers to any recent college grad. Sha and Cool Careers were an amazing help with mentoring me throughout my post-college career search. From the interviewing process to understanding and comparing different job offers, they were instrumental during each step. Coming straight out of college, the start of your career search for your next step in life as a new graduate can be stressful. But, Sha was so helpful in walking me through it all, teaching me the thought process needed to evaluate different job offers. And now I’ve found where I’ll be taking my next big step within the engineering industry!
Willie Scales

Student at Prairie View A&M University

Cool Careers contacted me the same day as I entered my inquiry and we had a conversation about what I needed. There are many resume services available, however, Cool Careers stands out above the rest. While editing my resume/cover letter it felt like a partnership versus a standard service. Mrs. Hornsby exceeded my expectations. I am confident that when I send my resume, prospective employers are gaining a clear picture of my abilities. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of services from a true professional.
Shayla Hutchinson, MA-HRM

Senior Internal Careers Recruiter at Salesforce

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